ETHIOPIA  Bible Students Arrested; Church Leaders´ Houses Raided – JIMMA – On March 22, two Bible school students were imprisoned on the accusation of attempting to kill an imam. They were released one week later with after paying a fine. A court hearing was scheduled for April 2, 2007.

BAMBASSE – April 2, the home of evangelist Tolosa Megersa was raided by local Muslims. Six of his cattle and sheep were killed. Five days later, the home of Full Gospel Church leader Lemmu Abdissa, was also raided. All of his property was destroyed, including 4,000 kilograms of grain.
Thank God for the release of the two students. Pray those who have lost property will be encouraged and rest in knowing they have “better and lasting possessions.” Hebrews 10: 34-37

INDIA  Pastors Imprisoned; Church Building Demolished –
GALIMERA TOWN – Pastor Jeremiah Majhi held a three-day evangelistic meeting in his church in April, 2006, following which he baptized 20 new believers. While he was baptizing them, some members of anti-Christian Hindu groups came and beat him and the people who were being baptized. They destroyed his church and house. The attackers filed false charges against Pastor Jeremiah saying he was smuggling drugs and other materials. The authorities arrested him along with his nephew and have held them in prison since April 26, 2006. Bail applications have been presented and rejected. A new hearing is expected April 14, 2007.

GUNTHAPUT VILLAGE – On March 30, a mob of 300 Hindu militants completely demolished a church building in an attempt to kill Pastor Shri Chetti. According to a report from the Global Council of Indian Christians, during the demolition, the militants demanded that all Christians leave the village and said they will not allow any Christian worship centers in the area. The church has been suffered persecution in the past when Hindu villagers burned down their building.
Pray these believers will continue to meet despite losing their property. Ask God to encourage them and for the persecutors to know Christ´s love forgiveness and blessing through the testimony of these Christians. Romans 12:14, 21
VOM / Global Council of Indian Christians

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19 Abr '07

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